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Support the Lifesaving Mission of the American Red Cross

March 06, 2024  |  Laura P.
Red Crossers Charlene Walker and Eric Besson walk down a street on Wednesday in Silver City, Miss. The town of 217 people was heavily damaged by a tornado Friday. Clean-up has already begun, debris piles sitting next to the streets., Many residents gathered at their homes on Wednesday as Walker went door-to-door to tell residents who were cleaning up about resources available at the Red Cross Community Hub, based at the neighborhood church. As many as 2,000 homes across Mississippi sustained major damage or have been destroyed, according to early estimates. More than 330 trained Red Cross disaster workers are on the ground to work with partners in making sure everyone has a place to stay, meals, emotional support and comfort.
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March Is Red Cross Month

September 24, 2023. Montgomery, Alabama. The Alabama State University blood drive marked the sixth time that Radhika Sharma and Kuntal Desai have donated blood as a married couple. “We donate because it’s incredibly important to do so!”

During emergencies, that bright red cross against a white background symbolizes hope and lets us know that help is on the way. In 1943, President Franklin D. Roosevelt signed a proclamation declaring March as Red Cross Month, and all subsequent presidents have upheld this tradition. For the Red Cross, this month is an opportunity to salute its volunteers and employees who have made a difference in our communities. We invite you to join us and support its mission, too!


There in Times of Need

You can help the Red Cross to be there in times of need:


About the American Red Cross

Red Cross volunteer Terry Smith drives an emergency response vehicle on Tuesday to deliver warm meals to residents in Rolling Fork., Miss. As many as 2,000 homes across Mississippi sustained major damage or were destroyed on Friday, according to early estimates. Many nearby residents were without power on Tuesday.

The American Red Cross has been dedicated to serving people in need since 1881. Through a strong network of volunteers, donors, and partners, this nonprofit ensures that anyone experiencing a crisis can receive care, shelter, and hope. The Red Cross serves all people across the country and around the world without discrimination. An average of 90 cents of every dollar the Red Cross spends is invested in delivering care and comfort to those in need.


Help Can’t Wait During Emergencies

The Red Cross prevents and alleviates human suffering in the face of emergencies by mobilizing the power of volunteers and the generosity of donors.​ Here are some of the ways the organization makes the biggest impact:


Disaster Relief

Did you know that the Red Cross helps a family affected by a disaster 175 times a day? This charity is now launching nearly twice the number of relief operations for major disasters than a decade ago, and more than 88% of U.S. counties have been impacted by a disaster in the past ten years. Providing food, shelter, supplies, and other emergency services are just some of what they do in the midst of a crisis.


Support for Our Heroes

With its expansive worldwide network, the Red Cross stands with service members and their families throughout their military careers and beyond. Among the 1,400 daily services provided to military members, veterans, and their families are: emergency communication, critical community support, comfort items, and much more.


Lifesaving Blood

September 24, 2023. Montgomery, Alabama. Alabama State University student Katelyn Williams makes her second blood donation to help her school win the Magic City Classic Blood Drive against Alabama A&M University.

Blood is an irreplaceable part of our nation’s healthcare. Every two seconds, someone in the U.S. needs blood. Through approximately 500 blood drives hosted daily, the Red Cross provides nearly 40% of the nation’s blood supply.


Emergency Preparedness

The Red Cross also has a Training Services division that teaches lifesaving procedures, so that members of the community can provide meaningful support during an emergency with specialized knowledge and skills. This team delivers courses and certification programs in areas such as CPR, first aid, basic life support, child care, and water safety.


Support the American Red Cross with the #DoorToChange Program

As one of the most recognized nonprofit organizations in the world, the American Red Cross relies on monetary contributions and volunteers to provide these much-needed services to communities nationwide. At no cost to you, you can support this charity by doing something that comes naturally as a Porte member – using your debit card!

Porte is proud that the American Red Cross is a charity in our #DoorToChange giving program.3 Through this program, Populus Financial Group – Porte’s parent company – donates an amount equal to 0.05% of each purchase that you make with your debit card to the charity that you have selected. You can spend with confidence knowing that your money goes the extra mile.


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