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An Introduction to Porte Perks

Meet one of the several Porte account benefits: Porte Perks.³ Available to all eligible Porte account holders, this cash back rewards program provides you with offers based on your spending habits. Meaning, the more you use your Porte card, the more relevant perks will be added to your account.


Simply add the offer to your card through the Porte app and use your card to complete the transactions to begin earning cash back rewards.


Let’s take a deeper look into Porte Perks to see how you can take advantage of this benefit.



Porte Perks are available to all eligible Porte account holders.

You don’t have to enroll or sign up for Porte Perks. This program is automatically available to all eligible account holders. Once you open a Porte account,² you have the opportunity to take advantage of this benefit.


It’s as simple as funding your account (either through direct deposit or a one time debit card transfer),⁴ activating the perks, then using your virtual or physical card.


Keep in mind Porte Perks will only appear on your account after you make a purchase. So, you won’t see any Available Perks on your dashboard or in your account until you start spending with your Porte card.



How to use Porte Perks.

In the Porte app, go to your account dashboard or the Porte Perks page. If you see an offer you’d like to add to your card, tap “Add to Card.” Once the offer is added to your card it is active and ready for use. Visit the merchant before the offer expires and use your Porte debit card to pay for the qualifying purchase to begin earning cash back. A helpful note: any restrictions or limitation on the Perk will appear after you tap “Add to Card.”



The more you spend, the more perks you earn.

Porte Perks provides you with offers based on your spending habits. The more you use your Porte card, the more relevant your Available Perks will become, and the more opportunities you’ll have to earn cash back rewards on the purchases you’d make any way.


For more information about Porte Perks, check out the Porte Perks webpage and available FAQs. Happy spending!



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