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Make a Difference with the Humane Society of the United States

Porte works with charity organizations that do great things for our communities. One of these charities is the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS).


As we celebrate Adopt a Pet Month in October, we’re excited to introduce you to this organization and the lifesaving work they do for animals throughout the country. In this blog, we’ll also share how you can support the HSUS through your everyday purchases with our #DoortoChange1 program.



Who is the Humane Society of the United States?

The Humane Society of the United States protects animals from abuse, neglect, natural disasters, and other dangerous circumstances. Since 1954, this organization has worked towards one main goal: ending suffering for all animals. To do so, it focuses on three smaller goals, which we’ve outlined below.


Ending the cruelest practices towards animals

Many industries use practices that are harmful to animals, such as cosmetic testing. HSUS works with the government and private sector businesses to address these cruel practices. It also runs campaigns to educate people about the realities of these abusive acts. By raising awareness and pushing for policy changes, HSUS is making the world a better place for animals.


Caring for animals in crisis

Sometimes, this means rescuing and providing a safe place for animals affected by natural disasters. Other times, teams respond to cases that involve dozens of animals, and bring large-scale rescue efforts to address these situations. With these efforts, HSUS is making lifesaving changes for these exploited and abused animals.


Building a powerful movement for animal protection

Partnering with people, organizations, and governments allows HSUS to strengthen its work. It is building a better, safer place for animals across the country. As this movement grows, those involved can affect faster change for the animals they rescue.



Why We Partner with the Humane Society of the United States

At Porte, we are passionate about supporting organizations that make a difference. With our #DoortoChange program, we work with four charities that we believe are doing great work to improve the world. We have chosen HSUS as one of these partners to help fund and expand the protection and care of the animals in our communities.


Best of all, when you open an account with Porte2, you can help support this work too!


All you have to do is choose HSUS in the “Support a cause that matters to you” section of our mobile app3. Then, keep spending like normal. We will donate a portion of purchases you make with your debit card to HSUS.1 It doesn’t cost you anything extra and allows you to make a difference with your purchases.



How You Can Support the Humane Society of the United States

#DoortoChange isn’t the only way to help. Whether you want to get involved in a big or small way, there’s always something you can do. See below for some of the many ways you can get involved with HSUS on a national or local level.


Make a Donation

Along with supporting through your everyday purchases, you can make monthly or one-time donations to HSUS. You can also give money in a loved one’s name or memory to create a long-lasting legacy. These donations fund big operations such as large-scale rescues, and they also pay for pet food, salaries, and more. Without financial support, the organization couldn’t keep helping the animals they save, and your donations, whether big or small, can make all the difference.


Volunteer with HSUS

Any organization is only as good as the people on its team. When you volunteer with the Humane Society of the United States, you can use your time and talents to protect animals in their most desperate moments. HSUS has more than 60 ways to join, ranging from working on legislative projects to caring for the animals at their rescue sites. Every bit of help counts, so explore your local opportunities to see how you can get involved.


Adopt a Forever Friend

HSUS understands that its work only starts when animals are rescued from bad situations. Even after they are healthy, warm, and well-fed, a happy future depends on finding a forever home. Adopting a pet means giving a second chance to an animal that has experienced abandonment or hurt. When you bring a new pet home, you also make room for another animal who needs attention and care.


Join us this Adopt a Pet Month by visiting your local shelter to find your new best friend. You can make a world of difference for a pet who will give you endless love in return.


Supporting the work of the Humane Society of the United States is as easy as opting into our #DoortoChange1 program. Learn more about our charitable partnerships or how to open your Porte account today.



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