11 Side Hustles to Make Extra Money

January 06, 2021  |  Porte Team

If you’re looking for more money and have extra time, a side hustle may be what you need. Side hustles help you earn extra money. These jobs can be done during your spare time or when you’re not at work. While it sounds simple, finding the right side hustle can be a hard task. We’re here to help you find a few good options for side hustles. Check out this list of 11 side hustles that can help you earn extra money.


1. Work from home customer service

A lot of companies staff their customer service departments with employees who work from home. While there are some scams (watch out for companies that want you to pay them first), you should focus your search on reputable well-known companies who have work from home opportunities. For example, there are some major airlines, hotel chains and other companies who offer full and part-time work from home positions. A lot of online job boards allow you to filter the work from home jobs from all of the other listings.  If you’re using a job board, use the filter to search for the work from home or remote jobs.


2. Be a professional dog sitter

If you love dogs, then why not make some extra money taking care of someone else’s dog? Rover brings a personal touch to dog sitting, and you can earn money doing it. The app pairs dog owners with dog sitters and dog walkers who offer in-home dog boarding, daycare, walking, and house sitting. 


3. Tutor online or in-person

Are you a wiz at chemistry or geometry? Even if math wasn’t your strong suit but you have a love for teaching others, you can tutor online or in-person and have others pay you for your knowledge. There are different virtual services, such as Wyzant or Chugg, that connect students and tutors. Signing up with a service gives you access to more students and saves you the hassle of building your business from scratch.


4. Teach English from home to students abroad

If tutoring in a specific subject doesn’t sound like your style, what about helping young students who live abroad learn English - all from the comfort of your home? VIPKid may be the opportunity you’re looking for. No teaching degree is required, but some experience with children is needed. There’s a rigorous application process and training available. Online tutorials give you tips on how to apply and ace the online interviews.


5. Deliver food

You may have ordered food from a local restaurant using one of the various food delivery apps. Have you thought of delivering for one of those services you’ve probably used so often? Try Postmates, GrubHub or UberEats. Another good reason to try this side gig? You can structure deliveries around your schedule and financial needs. 


6. Clean out your closet 

There are probably at least one or two things in your closet that you don’t need. Check out this post for ideas on downsizing your closet. There is no need to stop with your closet. Start exploring other things at home that you may be able to sell. There are more than a few places where you can sell online or even in person. Don’t stop at selling on one website. You can post your items in resale groups online or on various marketplaces (known online as cross posting) to increase the chances of your items selling faster.


7. Get a part-time retail job

There are many  large companies like Amazon and Walmart, that are still hiring despite recent changes in the economy. Essential businesses, such as grocery stores and home improvement stores, are also still hiring. Historically, most retailers hire during the holidays when they need extra staff on hand. While it is uncertain how many of them will bring on holiday staff this year, it is still worth checking at major department stores, clothing stores, or big box retailers. Many of these options close later in the evening and are open on weekends, allowing you to schedule shifts around your full-time day job.


8. Be a virtual assistant

Virtual assistants do a wide variety of tasks for business owners and companies. These remote positions can range from simple to complex in nature and do not require a physical presence. Virtual assistants can handle general duties or specialize in a certain area. Some common tasks that virtual assistants handle are social media management, research, data entry, e-commerce, accounting, customer service, or email/chat support. You can create also profile on sites like UpWork, which has a category specifically for virtual assistants.


9. Create an online store

If you’re creative and make items, then consider starting an online store. Etsy is one place where you can sell your crafts, designs, or other items. The platform is geared toward handmade items. Think of it as an online flea market with a simple-to-use payment system. PayPal and major credit cards are accepted, and there are no worries about bartering or not getting the full value of your items. Not creative or don’t make anything? You can resell other people’s handmade or thrifted items. You can also try Facebook Marketplace, Ebay or leverage your social media profiles to sell your items.


10. Pick up a freelance gig in a similar field

If you already have a job, have you thought of picking up hours after work doing the same job on a freelance basis in a similar field? You’ll get to use your current skills and sharpen them while making the extra money you need. If you belong to any professional or trade organizations, you can search their job boards or network with other companies who may be looking for people with your skills. FlexJobs also posts professional level part-time jobs for many industries.

But first, be sure to check your company’s policy on freelancing. Some companies have specific rules about picking up work directly related to your day job or about working in the same industry.


11. Upgrade your hobby

Are you the friend everyone calls to organize their closet? Or maybe you rewrite resumes? If you have an untapped talent that you’re always using to help others, turn that skill into a side hustle. There’s a market for everything. And, if you’ve helped friends and family, ask them to give you recommendations and referrals to friends who may need your service.


Bonus ways to earn extra money

Here are two other ways that may not be considered side hustles, but that you can use to make extra money with a little effort (Hint - you can do it all from within an app!):

  • Your Opinion Counts Too!

Try Swagbucks where you’re paid with free gift cards and cash. Take surveys, watch videos and find deals all while earning points that you can redeem later. Try this out while you’re watching TV. Use the time that you’d probably spend Internet surfing anyway to earn money or gift cards.

  • Get Cash Back When You Shop

Porte Perks1 gives you cash back. Choose available merchants from the in app list. You’ll get cash back for shopping you’d do anyway! There is no limit to how much cash back you can earn. The more you use your Porte card, the more perks you can receive, and the more cash back you can earn.

These side hustles are just a few ways you can earn extra income. You have the flexibility to work your full-time job and make additional money doing something you enjoy. With this list in hand, you can be on your way to earning extra income.

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