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How to Support LGBTQ Businesses & Make a Difference with your Dollar

We buy things all the time, some of which we need, some we don’t, and some things we may even come to regret (browse through your wardrobe, and you’ll know it when you see it). However, in some cases, our purchases can go beyond just providing for ourselves. 


By shopping at LGBTQ businesses, your dollar can go towards a cause far greater than just an immediate need or want. As we celebrate Pride Month, we’d like to take a moment to explain the power you have as a consumer in supporting equality, inclusion for all, and accelerating acceptance of the LGBTQ community. We’ll also share how you can help do your part through our #DoorToChange!


What is an LGBTQ Business?

The National LGBT Chamber of Commerce (NGLCC) defines an LGBTQ-owned business as one that is at least 51% owned or operated by individuals who identify as part of the LGBTQ community. The NGLCC states that there are an estimated 1.4 million LGBTQ-run companies in the United States, accounting for $1.7 trillion a year in revenue.


From national corporations to local businesses, the products and services from these businesses help support a shared value — equality and acceptance of all people. Outside of these LGBTQ-owned businesses, numerous charities and nonprofit organizations are also making a profound, positive impact on how our society values the LGBTQ community, including our partner, GLAAD. We’ll share more about this amazing organization and how you can help support GLAAD through your everyday purchases in the following section!


Why Support LGBTQ Businesses?

LGBTQ businesses are providing more than a product or service. They are a pillar supporting a community that has been marginalized for years, and as a consumer, you can help. By supporting these businesses, you can:


Help Strengthen Their Platform

These businesses are making it a point to create equality in the workplace, inclusion for all regardless of their sexual orientation or identity, and to celebrate diversity. By becoming a regular customer of these establishments, your business is strengthening their platform, helping to further the impact of their mission.


Provide a Place for LGBTQ Individuals in Their Communities

These businesses are a place of acceptance, where everyone can feel welcomed. Many LGBTQ individuals may reside in areas where identifying as anything other than heterosexual is frowned upon or even ridiculed. These businesses can become important pillars of the community.


How to Support LGBTQ Businesses

1. Shop

The most straightforward way to support these businesses is to buy from them. By doing this, you’re not only purchasing something that will benefit you, but you’re also directly contributing financially to the business and the causes that these businesses support. As they improve their bottom line, they’ll have more support for their initiatives and outreach.


2. Raise Awareness

Be a voice for those who aren’t being heard. Your social media presence can be instrumental in raising awareness and generating healthy conversations amongst your followers and even those outside of your following. Talk about the important initiatives of your favorite LGBTQ businesses and organizations and explain why they’re so impactful. Engage with the content from these businesses and share it amongst your followers.


Raising awareness also isn’t exclusive to social media. Tell the people around you about a business you love and how it’s making a difference. By using your channels and informing the communities you’re a part of, you’d be surprised how many people your message will reach! Your efforts can ultimately help grow these businesses by increasing their exposure to new audiences.


3. Donate

In addition to buying their products or services, you may also be able to make a donation. Whether it’s a one-time gift or a recurring donation, every dollar counts as it helps further their mission. Check out the websites for the LGBTQ businesses you want to support and see what options you have to donate!


Make a Difference with Your Dollar Through Our #DoorToChange

#DoorToChange is Porte’s charitable giving program, where members can support a selected charity without spending any extra money. When they spend, we donate to their selected non-profit, such as GLAAD.1



GLAAD is the world’s largest lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer (LGBTQ) media advocacy organization. It was founded in 1985 in response to the defamatory and sensationalized media coverage of HIV/AIDS and the gay community. Since then, the organization has evolved to become a culture change agent in film, journalism, and other areas of media to increase and enhance LGBTQ representation and visibility.


GLAAD is at the forefront of positive cultural change, and at Porte, we are proud to stand with them as an ally of the LGBTQ community. Best of all — you can join us! Our members can chip in to support the mission of GLAAD at no cost to them.


How to Chip in for GLAAD through #DoorToChange

Through our #DoortoChange charitable giving program, your everyday purchases add up to donations to the charity you select in the app.1 All you have to do is follow these steps to get started:

1.Open your Porte app2 and choose “Charity” on the dashboard.

2. Select GLAAD or any of the other charities.

3. Keep spending as usual. Donations are made based on how much you spend, and it doesn’t cost you anything extra.


When you open an account with Porte3, you can be an advocate for the LGBTQ community and help further the mission of GLAAD through our #DoorToChange.



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