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Celebrate Valentine’s Day with These Budget-Friendly Activities | Porte

Valentine’s Day has a reputation for being a costly affair. From diamond bracelets to carriage rides to romantic dinners, a date on this special day can come with quite the price tag. But do you have any other choice?


The good news is that there are other options! While gifts are great, there are other meaningful ways to celebrate this special day. And your significant other may prefer these alternatives.


In this blog, we’ll share how you can show your love and appreciation for your partner through a few budget-friendly and creative activities.


Think Outside The Box

Outdoor activities are always a fun way to have a new shared experience. Get outside your comfort zone by heading outside and taking advantage of the beauty of nature. If you’re in an area where the climate is cold, a winter activity such as sledding on a hill or hiking in the snowy forest can be a fun and intimate experience. Or, if you live in a warmer climate, then a simple picnic on a blanket in the park or somewhere picturesque can be all you need to set the mood. 


A home-cooked meal with a view can beat out dinner at a fancy restaurant any day. For figuring out exactly what to pack for a romantic picnic, an article from Komorebi lists some great items you may want to consider!


Consider Your Partner’s Interests

If you want to make this a meaningful Valentine’s Day for your special someone, then ask yourself: What do they love? What would mean the most to them?


Do something they truly enjoy, even if it’s not necessarily your favorite. Sometimes the most thoughtful Valentine’s Day date involves a little bit of compromise. Devoting a few hours to doing an activity that they enjoy can be a great way to show your love.


According to Medium, positive compromise can bring partners closer together and enrich their connection. Relationships involve a bit of give and take, so consider speaking your partner’s love language on Valentine’s Day to give them a date they won’t soon forget.


Play Tourist

We often take for granted the places we live.  But when we go someplace new, there’s a sense of wonder and curiosity to explore that overtakes us.  Is there somewhere in your city that you’ve always wanted to go but never made the time for?  Do you live in a place that offers cheesy drive-through tours? Try being tourists for a day and going on a Valentine’s Day date around your city. You can snap pictures in different locations, learn more about the place you live, and get to know the residents and history of your town. If this is an activity that you and your partner would enjoy, an article from Apartment Therapy shares some great ideas for the two of you to try as you “play tourist!”


Scrapbook Your Relationship

Having a physical memento of your relationship can be a powerful reminder of the wonderful times you’ve shared as a couple. But even better than owning a scrapbook full of memories is the process of making it together. Spend Valentine’s Day with a new scrapbook and some old photos and go to town! You can stick in mementos such as ticket stubs and meaningful receipts, decorating the pages with ribbon and hand-written messages that capture your love in physical form. The bonding experience of making a scrapbook of your relationship can be an excellent way to re-live some of the fond memories without spending much at all.


Learn Something New

Shared experiences can be incredibly bonding. Instead of spending Valentine’s Day doing something you’ve done before, consider using it as an opportunity to learn something new together. Take a salsa dancing class, attend a cooking lesson, or visit a seminar together to learn something in which neither of you has any experience—the more interactive the lesson, the better. You might find that you uncover a new shared hobby that can lead to countless date nights in the future.


Final Takeaway

Valentine’s Day shouldn’t be about just buying your partner a gift for the sake of buying something. It should be an opportunity to show your love by putting some thought into making it a personalized, meaningful day for your significant other. By trying out one of these creative Valentine’s Day date ideas, you can give the gift of a shared experience that you both can remember for years to come.



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